Screenshots for Basic Mandelbrot

All images show monochrome 320x200 Mandelbrot set. If the actual screen parameters differ they are printed.

Commodore 128 PAL

Commodore Plus/4 PAL

Commodore 128 NTSC

Commodore Plus/4 NTSC

Amstrad CPC6128, 4 colors

BBC Micro, 320x256

IBM PC 5150 CGA, 4 colors

IBM PC 5170 CGA, 4 colors

Corvette PC8020, 512x256, 8 colors

Sanyo MPC-25FD, 512x212, 4 colors

Spectrum QL, 512x256, 4 colors

Acorn Archimedes 305, 640x512, pixels are doubled

Tandy Color 3, 4 colors

The hub for this project is on github.