C+4 "Forever?" Emulator v1.42

DOS binaries (101K) Assembler (FASM) sources (94K) Documentation
Other information and programs for the C+4
Boot-disk image for C+4 "Forever?" emulator, revision H (192K)
Bootable CD-ROM ISO-image for C+4 "Forever?" emulator, revision E (217K only)
C+4/1551 ROM (58K)

Multiplatform set of utilities

informationversionC sources DOS (DJ Delorie) Microsoft Windows (Mingw)
ASCII text to CBM SEQ file converter. It converts every visible symbol and every symbol remains unique. v1.1, IV-2017 3 KB 43 KB 6 KB
PRG to Pnn converter. The PRG-format has some disadvantages. Microsoft Windows use UTF-16 to represent file names but some Commodore symbols are missed in Unicode. DOS file names are limited to 8.3 scheme but CBM filesystems require 16 symbols for file names. Linux/Unix fs can't proper show a lot of Commodore symbols. How to distinguish SEQ and REL files in PRG form? So the X00 formats are the best choice! This utility converts raw PRG/SEQ/USR file to P00/S00/U00 format. v1.1, VII-2014 2 KB 43 KB 4 KB
D64 Flush. It extracts all files from the D64 image to a separate directory. v1.1, VI-2012 4 KB 52 KB 5 KB
CTF to TAP converter. CTF is the best (for now) format to play with the datasette. However TAP format which is useful only to move data from real tapes is widely supported. This utility converts a CTF file to TAP version 1 or 2. v1.03, VII-2012 2 KB 43 KB 3 KB
CTF to WAV converter. 44100Hz, 8 bits, mono. v1.03, VIII-2012 2 KB 43 KB 4 KB

These utilities can be compiled and used in the any OS (Linux, Microsoft Windows, etc).

Reduced Commodore Basic 3.5 compiler with Italian Flavor v0.02