Looks like I'm 'a do everything myself
Maybe I could use some help
But hell, you want something done right
You gotta do it yourself
Limp Bizkit `Boiler' :)

This emulator can be run only in the MS-DOS compatible environment (FreeDOS, PTS-DOS, DR-DOS, ...).

It has several strong points:

Its weak points are:

NOTE! Since version 1.17 this emulator is incompatible with Microsoft Windows GUI. Users of Windows 95/98/Me must use DOS mode. A way to run the emulator for Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux, FreeBSD, ... users is the creation of a DOS boot disk or bootable CD-ROM.

The emulator is compatible with DosBox system but you will need at least 8 GHz CPU for 100% C+4 speed with proper sound. However Dosbox can run this emulator with full speed without sound even at 2 GHz CPU.

It is also possible to use the universal virtualization application running with AMD/Intel PC CPU (VirtualBox, QEMU+KVM, ...) to run this emulator without sound. It requires only 200 MHz CPU for 100% speed.

This program (since version 1.18) is distributed under GNU General Public License.

In the 1996 when I started to create this program I thought it will be the first and the last. But at least 7 different emulators exist now! In the 1997 I'd made last major changes in this my program. I've added some improvements since 2003.