Changes to 6.0:
        * Added support (colors, conversions) for up to 16-states automata

        * Added limited support for the Moore neighborhood (wireworld, brian's 

        * Added support for 2:1, 4:1, and 8:1 scales (like at v3.5/5.3)--fixed
          bugs around scaling in v3.5/5.3

        * Added n (next) command which allows to find far objects

        * Added d (duplicate) command to copy tentative pattern

        * Added (, [, { and ), ], } commands to mark positions and to jump to 
          these positions (v3.5/5.3)

        * Added % (set density for randomly filled rectangle), ^ (set random 
          generator seed), 0 (find median), J (jump), i (select save image 
          format), u (undo pattern manipulations), <, > (smooth speed regulation) 
          commands (v3.5/5.3)

        * Fixed prisoner's dilemma mode

        * Fixed mouse actions (pickup pattern feature by button 3 is working 
          now, button 3 click makes center of screen--realizes the screen 

        * Fixed commands V, B, p, h, a, O, and . (center universe)--these
          commands (with exception of a) were also fixed at v5.3

        * Improved commands c, l, G, B, N, R, V, S, and ? (help)

        * Improved W command and related loadsript matters (v5.3)

        * Added support for 'nosymmetries' keyword for the rule files

        * The 'passive' form is ignored in the rules file--all empty
          transitions are generated instead

        * Enchanced the window title to show scale value

        * Added a new #T form for the pattern files. It sets rules, e.g., 
          #T 1.85$0 or #T /2 (v5.3)

        * Added support for #M form -- RLE (v5.3, but extended for n-states
          as in Golly)

        * Added support for #D form -- (v3.5/5.3)

        * Fixed behaviors of #A form

        * Fixed tricky error which causes autostart of the active cells 
          generation during loading of #A or #R patterns

        * Fixed resize window (v5.3)

        * Added support for loading of long lines (more than BUFSIZ characters)
          with #P forms

        * Added support for #C format line (pattern comment may be seen 
          by V command), increased comments storage capacity up to 256 lines 
          (like v3.5/5.3)

        * Fixed load rules from file function--it may load files with long
          comments now

        * Failure of #U causes interrupt of load pattern process and error 

        * Increased window for coordinates

        * Created install procedure instructions in HOW-TO-INSTALL

        * Updated xlife manpage

        * Updated Imakefile

        * Created file TODO

        * Added rules & patterns for byl, seeds, brian's brain, wireworld, 
          chou-reggia, langton loop (8-states) and ant (10-states), evoloop 
          (9/10-states), and sexyloop (10/12-states) automata

        * Updated file 'codd.r' by information from Codd2.table

        * Updated Life patterns and files HACKINGS, PATTERNS, INSTALL,
          README, ... (v5.3)

        * Added support for Tcl/Tk-widget to load file (it is possible to 
          ignore this feature and to use old ways) by l command

        * Added converters from RLE (patterns) and TABLE (rules) formats. 
          Surprizingly r-format for rules is often more compact (up to 50%) 
          than table-format.  Pattern converter is written on Ruby.  Rules 
          converter is written on Sed and Awk.  The letters from A to F 
          should be used for the states from 10 to 15 in the files with 
          rules or patterns.  The converters from v5.3 (anthologize,
          dehenselize) are also added

        * Removed alone lifeconv and collect utilities.  They are integrated
          with xlife now

        * Updated lifesearch utility (v5.3).  Removed lifesrcdumb separate man
          page.  Created a link to lifesrc man page instead. Updated lifesrc
          man page

Changes to 6.1:
        * Added support for autoscaling during pattern loading (v5.3)

        * Wrong rule at #T form will break the loading of a pattern

        * Added support for the generations rules (Brian's brain, Star
          Wars, ...), e.g., /2/3 or 345/2/4

        * Added support for loading patterns in LIF, RLE, CELLS, and
          (limited) MCL formats

        * Added L (reload), # (wireframe pattern), b (show bounding box),  M
          (toggle grid mesh) commands (v5.3)

        * Added support for #K form (v5.3)

        * Provided automatic addition of .r extension to a filename with rules

Change to 6.2:
        * Improved hash realization, added H command to adjust hash. XLife's become
          capable to handle the big patterns, e.g., `golly-constructor' (Codd rules), 
          Universal Turing Machine,  or even `caterpillar'

        * Increased evolution speed

        * Removed `lifesrc' utility. It's become a separate program. See

        * Added $ (show changes) command (v5.3)

        * Added format signature line to save file.  It is `##XLife'. This
          line begins the file

        * Added various small improvements

        * Realized multicolor mode for the 2-state automata.  Added `*'
          command to toggle this mode.  It differs from pseudocolor mode of
          v5.3--It doesn't show killed cells

        * Enhanced G command.  It may be used with active pattern (like `n' 
          in v5.3)

Changes to 6.3:
        * Improved support of MCL format

        * Scaling to 1024:1 (-10) is supported

        * Fast work with big pattern (fixed RLE format load bug)

        * Added command `j' (set jump/step for command go)

        * Added command '/' (show quantity of cells of the different kinds for 
          n-state mode)

Changes to 6.4:
        * Added support for the torus (anchor ring) or the plain area.  The new
          command `T' selects the topology.  The directives `#T' and `#U' may 
          be extended by the topology information.  This information maybe also
          added with `R' and 'F' commands

        * Added support for the history of 2-state automata.  The new command
          '@' will toggle history.  The directive `#T' may be extended by the
          activating history suffix.  This suffix (`+' at the end of string
          determinating rules) may be also added with `R' command

        * Added support for the rules with born 0 condition

        * Added support for two pseudocolor modes.  The new command 'E' will
          rotate modes.  One of them is identical to presented at v5.3

        * Added `v' command.  It views the internal variables

        * Added 'x' command to change pivot of tentative points position

        * Added '~' (display only change mode) command (v5.3)

        * Added 'K' (clear comments) command (v5.3)

        * Realized mouse wheel support (it can change scale now)

        * Enhanced search of a file with rules.  The search is performed in 
          all subdirectories of the default directories.  This affects `F'
          and `l' commands

        * Improved support for MCL-format (#BOARD, #WRAP, and #SPEED work now)

        * Increased speed of n-state evolution by 50% but it is still relatively

        * XLife window may recognize keyboard events with any position of mouse

        * Improved 'V' (view comments) command

        * Removed special 2-bit mode (STATEBITS=1)--this antique code was not
          supported even by v5.0 or v5.3

        * Removed 'H' command

        * Added many minor improvements

Changes to 6.5:
        * Added support for up to 256 states for the generated rules and up
          to 64 states for the table rules

        * Added 'P' command to toggle oscillator check mode.  The evolution
          will be stopped if a cycle will be detected (this is the
          enhancement of 'p' at v5.3)

        * Added additional pseudocolor mode

        * Added Xlib based very fast io widget instead of optional Tcl/Tk
          load widget.  This widget allows to enter a filename by keyboard
          like old good Xlife of 90s.  It may be used to save and to load

        * Help screen may be used as menu

        * Improved '/' command.  Information about cell count added to the
          coordinate window

        * Added shifted commands for the slower universe scrolling

        * Added 'Y' command to yank out the active space

        * Added 'X' command to load a palette file.  The directive '#X'
          should be used to set a palette file to load for the selected
          pattern.  The palette if one is available will be loaded
          automatically for a pattern in the RLE-format

        * Added 'Z' command to restore standard palette

        * Added 'k' command to pick up color from the pattern space

        * Fixed 'a' command

        * Added support for #CXRLE directive of rle-format.  Added support
          for the optional offsets at #M directive of pattern file in l-format

        * History mode saves initial pattern and counts only for the live
          cells now

        * History mode begins to use a special palette for it

        * Added possibility to change any state color by the right mouse click

        * Restored support for the `passive' keyword in the files with rules.
          It maybe used in the form `passive 0' to force manual input for the
          unknown transition

        * Added support for -display command line option (v5.3)

        * Deleted 'i' command. Its functionality is transfered to the
          save/load widget

        * Added several Makefiles for the different OS

        * Added rules & patterns for Perrier loops (64 states), HPP
          (34 states), SDSR loops, and Devore automata

        * Rewritten table2r utility

        * Added many minor improvements and fixes

Changes to 6.5.4:
        * Added support for the initial xlife .life format

Changes to 6.5.5:
        * Better scrolling

        * Fixed h-command

Changes to 6.6:
        * Added pseudocolor mode which replaces changes only mode

        * Realized framebuffer which allows smoother scrolling and a bit speeds
          up general performance

        * Speeded up about 10% of the evolution performance for the generated
          and n-state rules

        * Modified `j' command.  It allows to enter explicit jump value now

        * Removed multicolor mode

        * Removed code of PROF sections

        * Fixed accidental error (at v6.5.4) which doesn't allow to load some
          structured patterns

        * Added minor improvements

Changes to 6.6.1:
        * Fixed an error with b0 rules and the historical mode

        * Fixed ancient code at clear_pattern()

        * Fixed an error with framebuffer

Changes to 6.7:
        * Implemented additional history record mode for any kind of
          automaton (use `H' command).  This is a very fast mode

        * Changed `P' command.  It only checks current pattern and finds its
          frequency now.  This command becomes fast.  For example it may now
          check White Whale (its period is 160000346) during several minutes
          or Golly Ants (34322) during several seconds

        * Added `Tab' command to change state of tentative pattern.  It is
          useful with multirules pattern

        * Added support for `B0...8/S0...8' rules notation

        * Added speed display.  It is toggled by `*'-command

        * Added support for Moore neighborhood for n-state automata

        * Added support for `rotate4reflect' symmetry

        * Realized `i'-command to set up the evolution timer.  This is almost the
          same command as `n'-command at Xlife v5.0/5.3

        * Improved wireframe mode

        * Improved scrolling

        * Accelerated framebuffer

        * Added rules & patterns for Tempesti loop, LifeHistory (it is about
          15 times slower than life+), Bank I/II/III/IV automata

        * Updated `table2r' utility

        * Created `gen-multirules' utility

        * Added minor fixes & improvements

Changes to 7.0 (still beta):
        * Support for three hashlife algorithms is added (use it by `z'-command);

        * The algorithms for the step-by-step evolution was a bit changed, the
          evolution has become slightly faster

        * Added some support for multicore hardware

        * Added opportunity to use the standard C++ hash array or binary tree
          instead of a bit faster but requiring more memory build-in hash

        * Added build of debian package support (make deb-bin)

        * Added minor fixes & improvements

Author of these changes: Vladimir Lidovski
(vol.litwr @

Hash Algorithm and large numbers support were realized by Yaroslav Zotov
(zotovyaa @