History for any 2-state automaton

The history is toggled by a single keypress.

Pseudocolor modes for any 2-state automaton

These modes show new and deleted cells in the different colors.


Torus and plain are supported now. It is possible also to use any form of plain for the bounded grid with 2-state automata in the history mode.

Very fast patterns transformation

It is possible to rotate, to flip, to generate, to copy, etc.


It is useful to add a new pattern to the cell's space with this feature.

Prisoner's Dilemma Models

Defectors and cooperators competition.

Patterns in the structured format

It is possible to use macros to set up the pattern space.

#C Normally when you load this file you get a Gosper glider gun,
#C (:gosper) but two glider compounds (:p60) and (:p120) are
#C also available
#I :gosper

#B gosper
#C The classic period-30 glider gun by William R. Gosper. 
#C This is made of two of a pattern
#C know as the "queen bee", which
#C sometimes occurs naturally,
#C whose debris can be deleted on 
#C the sides by blocks or eaters.
#C But a collision in the center
#C can, as seen here, miraculously 
#C form a glider. Just one of these
#C moving back and forth is called
#C piston (see the p30 in OSCSPN2).
#K p30 glidergun
#I :gghalf -30 -15 0 1 0
#I :gghalf -7 -17 2 -1 5

#B gghalf
#I still:block -6 0 0 1 0
#I shuttle:queenbee 2 0 2 1 0

#B p60
#C p60: A pair of Gosper guns that emits gliders with period 60.
#K p60 glidergun
#I :gosper 24 0 3 1 0
#I :gosper 18 -3 3 -1 3

#B p120
#C p120: A foursome of Gosper guns that emits gliders with period 120
#C An interesting detail of the p120 is that it operates by repeated
#C creation and destruction of an eater at one of the glider stream
#C intersections.
#K p120 glidergun
#I :p60 -40 0 0 1 3
#I :p60 40 3 2 -1 0

Fast speed

for the step-by-step evolution with 2-state, generated, or wireworld rules. The speed is extremely fast for the chaotic and exploding patterns and bounded grid.

Quick access

The markers, the scaling, to find next object and to goto coordinates procedures allow fast pattern space navigation.

This is an open project

Tests, suggestions, bug reports, etc are welcome.