Download port (v6.7.5) for 32/64-bit Microsoft Windows® built by MingW.

The program `lifeconv.exe' (to convert data) is just a copy of `xlife.exe'. Use it without redirection, e.g.,
lifeconv -M patt-in.rle patt-out.l

The Cygwin's version has several advantages over this port:

Xlife requires only minimum Cygwin support. It is easy to install Cygwin, compile and use Xlife.

To build Xlife for Microsoft Windows with MingW you need to use Xlife sources and patched sources of David Kinder's wrapper for Xlife sources. The compilation maybe described in the next steps:

  1. Download, unpack, and patch Xlife sources
  2. Make a subdirectory at Xlife sources directory
  3. Download David Kinder's sources and unzip it to the created directory
  4. Download patch
  5. Convert end-of-line markers to Unix style at the wrapper's sources or to DOS style at the patches
  6. Apply patch
  7. Remove directory `include/sys'
  8. Change directory to X11Lib
  9. Check Makefile, write proper path to your compiler (CC, CXX and RESC variables values)
  10. Run `make'
  11. Try to run `xlife' or `lifeconv'

This process may have variations for the differrent compilers.